A wide range of outstanding facilities

Situated in the heart of a canton that generates 10 billion kWh annually, the BlueArk Entremont Innovation Hub helps to promote the region and its economic actors.


It offers:

  • an open-air laboratory that enables products and services to be tested in the field, in real-life conditions
  • integration into networks of internationally-renowned specialists
  • tailored business coaching to help you develop your pilot projects
  • appropriate and easily-accessible premises at Le Châble (La Curala)
  • events and networking opportunities


Overview of the facilities available:



  • drinking water and fire hydrant networks (50 abstraction points, 30 reservoirs, 190 km of pipes, 5000 water meters, 2 filtration systems, ...)
  • irrigation and snow-making systems (high-altitude lake, aqueduct, pumping station, irrigation pipes, ...)
  • wastewater networks (1 wastewater treatment plant, 1 storm water basin, 134 km of pipes, ...)

View the available "Water" facilities on this link.



  • energy production (6 micro-hydropower plants, 1 small hydropower plant, 2 biogas combined heat and power systems, several large photovoltaic installations, ...)
  • district heating (4 separate networks, almost 8 km of pipes, 96 sub-stations, ...)
  • cooling (2 systems using drinking water)
  • electricity grid (different sub-stations and aboveground or underground installations, ...)
  • street lights (over 3000)



  • multi-utility smart meters (over 1000 in service, with many more to be deployed)
  • geodata and geomonitoring (almost 150 sensors, particularly on water distribution systems)
  • data from all energy production facilities


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