Entremont, an outdoor laboratory for intelligent water and environmental management

Mauvoisin dam
Mauvoisin dam
Verbier at daybreak
Verbier at daybreak

The BlueArk Entremont Innovation Hub was established with one aim in particular: to offer a full-scale outdoor laboratory for the fields of water and environment.

The Ark Foundation, ALTIS and the municipalities of Val de Bagnes, Bovernier, Sembrancher, Orsières, Liddes and Bourg-Saint-Pierre have set up an innovation hub known as "BlueArk Entremont", specialising in water and the environment.

The Entremont area faces a number of different challenges in relation to the environment, land management and management of its resources, making it an ideal test area for implementing innovative projects.
The projects developed at the BlueArk Entremont Innovation Hub will not only benefit from a location that is both alpine and urban, but also from a multitude of truly outstanding facilities.


Research and pilot projects in real-life environments

At the BlueArk Entremont Innovation Hub, The Ark Foundation and its partners are creating an outdoor laboratory with the facilities necessary to fulfil its purpose: to stimulate, develop and support innovation, with local need as the starting point and to enable innovative projects to be implemented quickly through testing in real environments.



The missions of the BlueArk Entremont Innovation Hub are to:

  • promote the generation and implementation of new solutions and models
  • provide a response to the new challenges faced by alpine regions in the fields of energy, water and the environment
  • investigate economic feasibility and develop innovative techniques
  • explore new business models


A wide range of outstanding facilities

Situated in the heart of a canton that generates 10 billion kWh annually, the BlueArk Entremont Innovation Hub helps to promote the region and its economic actors.


It offers:

  • an open-air laboratory that enables products and services to be tested in the field, in real-life conditions
  • integration into networks of internationally-renowned specialists
  • tailored business coaching to help you develop your pilot projects
  • appropriate and easily-accessible premises at Le Châble (La Curala)
  • events and networking opportunities


Overview of the facilities available


  • drinking water and fire hydrant networks (50 abstraction points, 30 reservoirs, 190 km of pipes, 5000 water meters, 2 filtration systems, ...)
  • irrigation and snow-making systems (high-altitude lake, aqueduct, pumping station, irrigation pipes, ...)
  • wastewater networks (1 wastewater treatment plant, 1 storm water basin, 134 km of pipes, ...)



  • energy production (6 micro-hydropower plants, 1 small hydropower plant, 2 biogas combined heat and power systems, several large photovoltaic installations, ...)
  • district heating (4 separate networks, almost 8 km of pipes, 96 sub-stations, ...)
  • cooling (2 systems using drinking water)
  • electricity grid (different sub-stations and aboveground or underground installations, ...)
  • street lights (over 3000)



  • multi-utility smart meters (over 1000 in service, with many more to be deployed)
  • geodata and geomonitoring (almost 150 sensors, particularly on water distribution systems)
  • data from all energy production facilities
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