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Deep City

The Deep City project has established a methodology for managing water resources sustainably by identifying usage synergies and minimising usage conflicts. It has been implemented in several urban areas in Switzerland, including the resort of Verbier, and also abroad. This methodology can easily be adapted to accommodate urban areas of different sizes and different topographical and geological conditions.

The municipality of Val de Bagnes is keen to adopt this approach as part of its land-use planning. To this end, it has decided to look into applying this methodology specifically to the resort of Verbier. The Deep City project is relevant to the municipality and its infrastructure and development services in every aspect of investment in water management. It is also of benefit to the private sector, helping real estate developers focus more on projects that take into account the opportunities offered by the underlying geology.

By creating a link between research and practical application on the ground, the Deep City project has laid strong foundations for the future of water management in the Bagnes region. It will also be possible to build on this approach and the results it generates when creating future innovative projects.

Project update

A webinar was held in April 2021 to take stock of the work carried out by the various partners involved in the pilot project on behalf of the municipality of Val de Bagnes.

Who is working on this project now?


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